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Aliexpress Global Affiliate Program

We are looking for partners able to send large amounts of targeted traffic from all around Europe, especially affiliates with experience in using product feeds for pay-per-click campaigns and product aggregators plus cashbacks projects, quality content sites, and other traffic sources reaching international audiences genuinely interested in what AliExpress offers.

The affiliates accepted into the program will receive the following information:

  • Best sold products in Ro, Bg, Pl, Sl, Sk, Cz, Hu, De, Fr, Es, Pt, Uk markets—updated monthly
  • List of banned keywords for contextual advertising
  • Link to our awesome product feed generator
  • Approval rate
    of more than
  • Outstanding
  • Advanced
    product feed
  • Weekly payments
    upon approval
    of commissions


We are a fast-developing growth technology company that develops and operates the 2Performant.com Affiliate Network.

Our platform has been helping online stores collaborate remotely with thousands of digital marketing talents for 13 years on a democratic and transparent basis.

We believe in marketing democracy and performance marketing. That means that online marketing can become accessible to anyone with the right skill and that the effort will always be rewarded accordingly.

Our Global Affiliate Programs

I am super pleased with 2Performant overall. Whether we’re talking usability, gamification elements, weekly billing capabilities or recurring super contests I’m very happy working with 2Performant.
The affiliate support is on a whole new level compared to any other affiliate marketing platform I work with or have worked with. This I believe is 2Performant’s strongest asset. Also, involving affiliates in future projects and listening to their voice is a unique element in itself in this market.
In addition, the listing of 2Performant on the stock exchange has brought added credibility, brand visibility and pride in having a collaboration with you.

Alex Foaie

For me, 2Performant is a way to stay up to date with online marketing tactics and to test new ideas in the field without having to justify budgets or actions to a manager. Plus, if things go well and the hypothesis is correct, I can turn a profit quickly. In other words, for me affiliate marketing is pure performance. Andrei Ionita
Affiliate marketing for me has become a way of life. I am free to work when I want and how much I want, but by far the most important aspect is the freedom to choose who I work with. The fact that 2Performant understood this and changed the rules of the game by introducing weekly payments and prepaid campaigns among many other things has inevitably also led to a steady increase in trust and stability in affiliate marketing. Dragos Bunea
I’ve done affiliation both in Romania and abroad and I can say with certainty that 2Performant is a reliable partner that stands by you. Their good communication and tools help me and make my work easier. Membership for me means perseverance – I have learned from failure, persevered and achieved success. Years of work have turned into results. Gabriel Nica